23 Make-Ahead Lunches to Get You Through the Work Week

23 Make-Ahead Lunches to Get You Through the Work Week


The key to avoiding another sad desk lunch at the office is simple: It’s all about the make-ahead recipes. Find a smart recipe that you can make in bulk and enjoy eating all week. Sandwiches, soup, salads – there’s no reason you should be ordering take-out or hitting the vending machine when there are simple, delicious recipes to be devoured.

From a kale and quinoa salad with dates, to pita pockets with chicken and Manchego, you’ll be brown baggin’ it in style at the office all week long. Monday has nothing on these on these make-ahead lunch options.

The key to preparing a great make-ahead lunch is knowing when and how to keep things apart in a recipe. A good question to ask yourself is whether the flavors will meld well if kept together for a couple days, and whether or not something will get soggy, or go bad when mixed with another element of the recipe.

A great example of this is Faith’s “Salad Swag” where she breaks down the components of simple lunch salads.

21 Make-Ahead Lunches for Work

Greens-Heavy Salads

Grains-Heavy Salads

Sandwiches & Pita Pockets


Other Lunch Favorites

(Image credits: Faith Durand; Emma Christensen; Karen Biton-Cohen; Andrea Bemis;Erin Alderson; Sarah Crowder; Michaela Cisney; Kelli Dunn; Kimberley Hasselbrink;Megan Gordon; Nealey Dozier)


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